TSM Wholesale Solutions

Traditional retail is characterised by presence of over 15 million kirana shops in the country. These kirana shops operate their retail business on a fragmented distribution network with presence of a number of intermediaries. TSM Wholesale Solutions, the wholesale cash and carry store chain aims at supporting their growth and providing them with a modern distribution system.

TSM  opened the first Store in 2019 and the first to do so in Gurgaon.

TSM Wholesale solutions operates on the principle of ‘less is more’i.e. ‘buy for less’ – ‘operate for less’ – ‘sell for less’ relying on higher efficiency of asset utilisation and passing on higher value to customers. The societal value thus created by TSM Wholesale Solutions helps in supporting member partners to be more profitable.

The brand enjoys strong patronage of its registered member partners by offering them a wide assortment of groceries, home and personal care products, consumables, general merchandise, apparel, footwear and home appliances. By sharing benefits of strong sourcing capabilities and relationships with a large network of vendors, TSM Wholesale Solutions offers regional, national and international brands to its partners and help them prosper.

TSM Wholesale Solution’s strong own brand portfolio further brings relevant offerings to its shelves thereby offering large assortment of core and complementary products.


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